Move: WASD/Arrow Keys

Attack/Action: N or Left Click

Dodge/Roll: M or Space

Willow's Crest was just kind of a jam project where I didn't have a plan and kinda just went with things. Not having a plan meant that I didn't get as far as I could have. There is only one enemy, no boss, and no real story at all. I wanted to add in a shop where you could buy more stamina, heal, etc, but didn't have time. It's still pretty solid beside that.

I haven't decided if I'll continue this past where it stands at the moment. Maybe to get the initial vision I have in my head right now, but meh, we'll see. (if you want more, post some comments or message me or something to let me know.)

The Low Rez Jam 2019 devlog can be found here: Devlog

The devlog is pretty in depth about how things came along, any problems, and explaining why I did things like I did.

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