A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This was a Game Jam game for the Shinanijam. A jam celebrating the 100th podcast episode of Coffee with Butterscotch - A game dev comedy podcast. :D

The jam worked by giving each team a random theme selected by a curated list from their podcast titles (that way only good ones were there). Mine ended up being Beefy Thumbs. My idea was to make a 3d beat 'em up platformer. I only really got to beat 'em up though.

The Kid has the strange ability to make his thumbs suuuuuuuper beefy. That means his thumbs grow 10 times their size when he punches. Pretty beefy if I do say so myself. :D

Anyway, I got quite far behind cause I decided to model the main character myself. Not as good as I wanted, no textures, but hey, I made it myself. All the animations and the "granny" enemy are from Mixamo. The music was downloaded just shortly before uploading from Ozzed.net. Please support them if you like the music. It's all covered under CC-BY, so it's free 8-bit music that sounds great.

Anyway, enjoy, and let me know what you think. (Besides just that it sucks... I know it sucks. I made it as one person in a weekend, it's gonna suck.)


Forgot to put these here. I didn't have much time to actually do gameplay stuff, so the controls are horrible. It's wasd to move, mouse to look  and . (period button) to punch. Wish I had done them a bit better, but I spent a lot more time doing the 3d model then I intended.

Install instructions

Pretty much just download the version you need. I only could test the windows build, but being that it's made in unity, I could build for many, so there's that.


BeefyThumbs_Source.zip 35 MB
BeefyThumbs_Windows.zip 31 MB
BeefyThumbs_Mac (Untested).app.zip 34 MB
BeefyThumbs_Linux (Untested).zip 36 MB


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lol, glitches are out of control, it's really funny. Grannie coach looks good.