Game is up for the jam!

So it's not quite a "game" as there's no way to win in an official capacity. I guess if you kill all the slimes? It has a working attacking, taking damage, doors, smart camera follow system that stops at edges, and a message box system similar to the gameboy's Zelda: Link's Awakening. That was actually the basis of the entire project. Still is one of my favorite Zelda games.

I didn't know the low rez jam was happening again until the end of thursday before the end of it, and I had a migraine that lasted an entire day on that weekend, so I didn't get as much time as I had liked. I had hoped to get at least one boss and locked doors in to have win conditions, but meh, just didn't have time.

This one is also 100% original in the time span. Original code, original art, etc. (O-o now that I think of it, I did download a gameboy font. I could have done a bitmap font probably)

Anyway, I doubt I'll do much more with this if at all. I may take some of the scripts for other projects though, like the camera script.

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